Beautiful Podocarpus Hedges For Privacy

Make your yard a paradise. Grow a beautiful hedge in just a few seasons.

Grow a privacy hedge that is naturally stunning. These fast growing shrubs and trees will grow to fill in your fence line or create an instant privacy screen for your yard. Plus with the fast growing plants, you don't have to be bothered with the tedious task of watering and trimming your hedge.

Shrubs that grow fast and provide a natural barrier to prying eyes. Our hedges are fast growing, easy to care for and can be planted anywhere in your yard. Our privacy plants are so effective, they can even replace a fence.

Beautiful Privacy Hedges In South Florida - Mr. Clusia

The best choice for fast growing privacy trees.

The beauty of a hedge is that it provides the privacy you need to enjoy your yard without being watched by your neighbors. Plants that grow up to 12 feet high, and up to 4 feet wide, you'll never worry about someone peering over them again.

Privacy Hedges Miami And South Florida

Block Out Unwanted Noise

A privacy hedge can help absorb excessive ambient noise from neighbors and traffic allowing you to comfortably enjoy your space.

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Improve Your Outdoors

Create your own private paradise where you can take in the beauty of nature and not have to worry about the stress of the outside world.

Decorative And Privacy Hedges

Increase Property Value

A gorgeous hedge can add greatly to any home's market value and is a well sought out feature that is priceless and impossible to ignore.

Podocarpus trees for privacy

Start with our well-established plants and see your hedge grow year after year. Choose from a variety of shapes, colors, heights, and textures. You will quickly have a living privacy hedge that is naturally beautiful year round.

The podocarpus is an evergreen tree with dark green foliage that stays attractive all year long. Its adaptability makes it a good choice for most climates.

Take care of the Podocarpus hedge year-round with regular trimming. Allow two branches to grow for every one that is trimmed. Podocarpus can be trimmed into many different styles, from formal upright hedges to informal free-growing trees.The podocarpus is fast growing, so it can cover a large area very quickly.

Podocarpus hedges are a great choice for adding privacy, shading, and windbreaks. The podocarpus is an evergreen tree that can reach great heights, making it perfect if you want to make your yard an oasis. Growing a Podocarpus tree provides ornamental beauty combined with ease of care. Podocarpus is a tough, adaptable plant, capable of surviving in a variety of conditions making it an ideal hedge.

Podocarpus Privacy Bushes

Add beauty to your yard with the best looking and fast growing privacy plants you'll find.

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