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Strong & Beautiful, Clusia Plants Are Perfect For Privacy Hedges

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Low maintenance and almost trouble free, clusia plants are great for tall lush walls of privacy and shade that grow year round. The unique and characteristic foliage of this gorgeous hedge plant makes a great addition to your home and property.

The Ideal Plant For Hedges In South Florida

These evergreen shrubs are drought tolerant and perfect for the south Florida sunshine where they thrive and grow tall to provide many benefits.

Its beauty and ability to thrive have made clusias very popular for hedges and privacy screens. It is easy to see why many homeowners in South Florida, Miami, and Broward are choosing these plants for their hedges.

Mr. Clusia specializes in these beautiful plants and even offers installation anywhere in the south Florida area.

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Clusia Plants For Privacy

Great For Privacy

Clusia hedges grow dense and tall making it perfect for privacy.

Best Clusia Hedges In South Florida

Ideal For Hedges

Vibrant green and lush, Clusias make perfect plants for hedges.

Clusia Hedges In Miami Florida

Grows Tall & Strong

Clusias thrive in the abundant South Florida air and sunshine.

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Clusia is a popular hedge shrub because of its dense foliage that is made up of evergreen oval, teardrop-shaped leaves. Clusia shrubs are resistant to drought, hot sun, and salt, making them an ideal privacy screen. They are also especially low maintenance and fast growing, which makes them the ideal hedge shrub. If you live in a hot, sunny climate where privacy is a concern, you should consider planting a Clusia.

Clusia plants are some of the best plants to use for privacy hedges. This is because they have dense foliage and don’t require much maintenance. In fact, they are drought tolerant and can survive in a variety of growing conditions. Clusia trees are a great option for dry areas because they’re resistant to drought, hot sun, and salt. Clusia also has a nice green color that blends well into the landscape.

Clusia hedges are great for privacy hedging because they grow very quickly and are very easy to maintain. They need no pruning and will grow in full sun or full shade. Clusia hedges will grow up to 15 feet tall so they make a great privacy hedge if you want to block people or views from your home.

What makes clusia the best fast growing tree for privacy?

Clusia plants are easy to grow, and their leaves are thick and leathery and have a waxy finish to them. Their dark glossy leaves also add an elegant touch to any garden. The Clusia family of plants is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Americas. There are over 100 varieties of Clusia, but the most popular for hedging is Clusia rosea due to being so versatile plant and can be used in a variety of ways.

Clusia is a succulent plant, so it needs little or no watering and can thrive in hot, dry conditions. Clusia shrubs are a good choice for privacy screening because they are resistant to drought, hot sun and salt. Clusia shrubs are also a good choice for privacy screening because they grow in a variety of soil types and have a number of different sizes and shapes making them a great option if you want to build a privacy hedge that will last for many years.

The best choice for fast growing privacy trees.

Turn your yard into an personal paradise with a fast growing and easy to maintain clusia hedge.

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